My slutty gay sex hookup diary

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So much cum in my mouth

Swallowed a big load of cum from this hot 6 foot tall dirty blonde guy! :)

Jack’d has gotten me laid so many times.  This weekend was proof of that.  Grindr never worked for me.  Why are all the guys on Grindr either fake or gross or crazy?  It seems like Jack’d just happens to have all of the hottest, slutty, horse hung guys who are actually WILLING to meet up for sex.  

So this dirty blonde guy fucked me for the second time.  He has his own place and lives in a relatively expensive part of downtown.  His apartment was okay, not as swanky as I had pictured but it was clean and big enough for us to mess around in.  He led me to the bedroom and he was all,

"Hey.  Did you have trouble finding the place?"


He starts scratching his balls through the basketball shorts.  I laughed.

"Look at you scratching yourself.  Let me help with that."  I reach to rub his soft cock and we kiss a bit.  He sits down on the edge of the bed and I give him a sloppy blowjob.  Licking it all over and looking into his eyes.  He closes his eyes and tilts his head back in ecstasy.  Or maybe he just has some girl on his mind or some shit.  Lol.  

His cock tastes so good.  It’s huge, at least 8 inches and thick like a baton.  I try to deepthroat and I get hard as I go down on him as far as I can.  His head tickles the back of my throat and I try to suck hard while he’s filling up my mouth with his cock.  I back off as I start to gag from choking on that cock.  ”Mmm.. Tastes so fuckin good.. You like that?”

He whispers “yeah” and I start to suck up and down as fast as I can.  I lick it on the sides, the shaft, worship the head of it.  It’s like the yummiest popsicle.  He asks if I wanna fuck and I oblige.

"Bend over," he says as he stands behind me.  I bend over on the bed and he eases it into me.  It still hurts a lot.  He’s so big.  But I want that dick in me!

I tell him to go slow as I crouch a bit and I slide myself further onto his cock.  I push my ass against his dick and it’s finally inside all the way.  I’m loving it.  ”OH MY GOD, I love this dick in me! Fuck me yeah!”

He thrusts and thrusts and eventually we both scoot onto the bed so he can fuck me froggy style.  We go real fast and I look back at his sexy face.  He gets really into it and pounds my ass harder.  

I bury my face into the pillows and moan and utter, “Fuck yeah fuck yeah yeah yeah!  Gimme that big dick!  I love it!  unf unf unffff!!”

He pulls out and tells me to switch it up.  He lays down on his back for me to sit on his dick cowboy style.  I’m so hard as I straddle him and crouch on his dick.  It feels so good to bounce up and down on that dick.  He pumps his dick into me and I start just hoppin on that shit.  ”Oh yeah! give it to me! mmmmm!  it feels so good inside me!”

I swivel around on it and just lean back and enjoy that hot rod in my hole.  It was fucking amazing.  We were sweating and I was moaning like a hoe.  :b

Then we took a 10 second break while he got another condom and I got on my back on the edge of the bed with my legs up on his shoulders.  He loved this position.  I loved seeing him slam into me with his big dick.  I reached my hands to his ass to feel it pump into me.  My hole was gaping by now. haha.  

He was getting a little tired so he took the condom off and I knelt down and let him fuck my face!  This made me so wet.  ”This dick tastes so good!  mmm!”  He was thrusting into my face again and again.  I loved it and started jacking myself off a little.  It was so hot!

Then he said his legs got tired haha.  He sat down on the bed so I could blow him some more.  I was not getting tired of that dick at all.  ”I wanna taste that cum.  Shoot it in my mouth!”  He was rock hard in my mouth.

I licked it and sucked so hard.  He was thrusting upwards into my mouth faster and faster.  I just opened my mouth as wide as I could while he facefucked me.  He started to moan and then “Ohhh shiiiitttt ohhhhh!!” He was pretty loud haha.   He squirted all of his cum into my mouth, the first pumps I held on my tongue for a few seconds but they just kept coming.  I swallowed as much as I could and his dick kept shooting and shooting all that creamy nut.  I jacked off with his dick still cumming in my mouth. I loved swallowing his load.  I didn’t get every drop cuz it was so much.  The last few squirts I just let leak onto my hand.  I checked the floor below me.  Not spills :)  Then he asked me what I was doing for Pride later.  I said not much.  

Damn that was a good nut.

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The feeling after jacking off

After masturbating, I feel that great feeling many of us get.  But I have been thinking deeply about the other feeling of not needing anybody.  We reach orgasm and we feel happy, elated, euphoric, peaceful, and similar things.  I’m scared that I’ve been relying too much on this feeling to cope with the real world.  Instead of making an effort to interact with other people, I just stay at home and jack off.  Of course, I have been going out with people, hooking up, jobhunting, reading books, playing games, and trying to reflect on my life.  But maybe I’m just addicted to orgasms.  

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this week i had a good cocksucker

some tall white guy wanted my load.  i came over to his place which was out in the middle of nowhere, but hey whatev.  he had a nice face and was wearing a baseball cap.  he sat on the bed and i stood in front of him so he could undo my jeans.  he pulled down my boxers and started sucking my dick.  he had a nice warm mouth..  it felt so fuckin good to have a slutty cocksucker worship my dick. 

he went really deep.  i was all, “you like that dick?” “taste good?” “yeah suck it!”

i held his head and began to face fuck him.  i wanted to feel the back of his throat.  he took it all easily.  I laid down on the bed so he could do his thang.  I watched as his head bobbed up and down.  i made him lick it all over and tilt his head sideways to give it a tongue bath up and down the shaft.  i love to make them stick out their tongue and smack my dick on it so they can lap it up.  i was gettin ready to bust and told him to suck it faster.  damn i blew a big load and he took it all in his mouth.  it was fuckin hot.

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tired of school! blah!!

Texting a boy back and forth everyday.  He lives in another state, so that is tragic.  I am regretting my documentary class and I might fail it because I hate working in groups.  I’m just not a good team player :b.  Something bad always happens when you work in groups and this class is a bucket of trouble since we have to meet up outside of class to do film shoots.  What if I don’t like the other person’s idea?  What if they can’t meet with me for my project?  It’s just makes me feel blah.  At least the guy in my class has nice big muscles and looks like he could be in porn.

Two more semesters and I will have definitely earned this media studies degree.

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Tall latino papi in my mouf

with a giant cock that was wide  like a police baton and about 9 inches long.  I sucked it hard.  It tasted so good.  He watched me quietly with a look of pleasure on his face.  I knelt between his knees and he laid back on the bed and I worked it up and down with my tongue,  I loved trying to gag on it, slicking it up with my tongue when it plunged deep into my mouth.  

I finally told him to jack it into my mouth and he stood up while I licked his balls all over.  He said, “I’m coming” and I took that head into my mouth trying not to spill a drop.  He came so much! - like 8 huge squirts and some drops went splat on my jeans but the rest of it I tried to gulp down as fast as I could.  It was a bit bitter.  I bet he smoked a lot of weed or drank a lot of beer or something.  But I sucked his dick clean and licked the head so til all the cum was gone.  He left and I fist pumped  him on the way out.

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To the ignorant fool on okcupid

This Asian guy who I did NOT find attractive said hi to me on OKCUPID.  I merely ignored his message because that is what I usually do to people that don’t interest me.  Then he spits this at me since he apparently was so hurt that I didn’t say hi back:  

"I totally misjudged you. I guess you’re just another lemming that’ll respond only to white guys. I hope you find a nice 60 year old man! ;) "

EXCUSE ME?? so this was my reply to that:

I am an educated Asian American college student and I have dated black, Latino, Asian, and mixed race men. How dare you assume that I’m a potato queen. You don’t even know me. I may not be attracted to you, but you messed with the wrong guy because I am the last person who will tolerate ignorance in this world. 

If you want the truth, I think your face is not attractive. Kindly go fuck yourself.

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Soulless Chinese bottom

This guy I hooked up with near Times Square messaged me on Jackd.  He’s a cute asian bottom with nice buff pecs, about 3 inches shorter than me.  He likes to get fucked hard and fast.  

I was at home and it was 3 a.m.  He messaged, “Hey remember me?” 

Me: “No, did I fuck you near Times Square?”

him: “Yeah. wanna come over to my new place?”

Me: “Ok”

So I met him and took off my shirt and we started kissing in his tiny but clean room.  (At least it had a bed and not an air  mattress this time. Fucking on an air mattress on the floor is mad awkward! lol)

We took off all our clothes and I pushed his head down to make him kneel at my hard cock.  He slurped my dick like a pro and it felt so good in his warm mouth.  

"Yeah! Suck it!  taste that big cock!"

We got him lying on his back, legs and ass up toward me so I could fuck him.  I started pounding him with my fitted cap on.  He liked it.  ”Uh! Uh! Uh!”

Me: You like that?  fuck yeah!  you like that dick huh

Him: Yesss! Yes! Yes!

He likes me to jackhammer faster and faster.  We made the bed creak so much and he blew his load before I knew it.  it was good until one part:

Me: Can I blow in your mouth?

Him: No.

Me: *wank wank wank*  

i blew on my stomach and left.  blocked him after that.  what’s the point if he’s not gonna let me bust it in his mouth?  A man gots needs!

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"This is getting weird"  So anyway this guy did suck me off and he was a hot tall Asian ballerina from China.  he was DISGUSTED at me when i told him i slept in til 4pm that day. HAHA.  suck my cum bitch

"This is getting weird"  So anyway this guy did suck me off and he was a hot tall Asian ballerina from China.  he was DISGUSTED at me when i told him i slept in til 4pm that day. HAHA.  suck my cum bitch

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